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Theres a Schedule for That – 3 tips to mastering your to do list | D.I.Y

16.4.9_HHP_Emma_Spring_Mini_edits-1If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I spin a lot of plates. Between two kids their schedules, two small businesses & this blog- I have a full schedule. Everyone preaches about balance but there is no such thing. I have tried- its a lie. The key to “balance” is deciding when and what has the priority of the hour- I live off of to do lists- and just lists in general. It might be because I am a visual person but I like to write it down and check it off. The key to juggling is scheduling so there is always time for snuggling the little ones. Time management is key. What is the priority of that hour. I maintain a 9-5 work day- but the blessing of working from home is deciding when I work overtime, when to take a break or even the whole day off.

I recently restyled my home studio and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give a sneak peek and share three tips to staying on top of schedules.Olivia Sophia

  1. Pretty stationary. It might seem silly to some but I have a real love for paper goods. I keeps lists everywhere. If your going to keep them- then why not have it on beautiful paper ! I just love Sophia Olivia Inc. There paper goods are perfect for keeping me organized and well styled. I just got the Carrie collection (note cares, clip board & pen as pictured) and I just LOVE the note cards. I try to always send my clients little notes after their sessions- the gold foil is the perfect luxe touch. My readers can get 20% Off your first order by clicking here.  Yea I know my iPhone can do it- but I love real and tangible. Call me old school. These also make for the perfect gift for birthdays & bridal showers. 16.4.9_HHP_Emma_Spring_Mini_edits-2
  2. Washi Tape. I love using washi tape in my day planner. Its easy to color coordinate appointments children etc. Also its removable ! This is key for me. Plans change – and I tend to write in pen. I color code my kids play dates, doctor appointments, & photo sessions so I know at a glance what my weekly availability is. I love it all – I just picked up the pineapples from hobby lobby. (Don’t forget their weekly coupon on the app)
  3. Day Planner & Dry erase calendar. I keep my day planner by my desk & my dry erase calendar in our kitchen. The same washi tape goes into my paper planner & on the dry erase board ! The dry erase calendar in our high traffic area of our home. Its so everyone knows where family members are at any given moment on any given day. It also keeps my husband up to-date on appointments and my work schedule.16.4.9_HHP_Emma_Spring_Mini_edits-616.4.9_HHP_Emma_Spring_Mini_edits-716.4.9_HHP_Emma_Spring_Mini_edits-816.4.9_HHP_Emma_Spring_Mini_edits-916.4.9_HHP_Emma_Spring_Mini_edits-316.4.9_HHP_Emma_Spring_Mini_edits-10

These three tricks will help streamline your to do list & by scheduling your day you will always have time for the things that matter the most & I promise your stress levels will thank you.


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