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The Cobblers Wish

You have heard how the cobblers wife never had any shoes? Thats me. Except I am the cobbler & the wife. As a photographer you would assume I have the most beautiful images of my sweet babes- and intermittently throughout the year I do. Its never often enough. They grow just SO fast. I blink and again I have two little strangers standing before me and I just sit there in awe “WHO ARE THESE TWO HUMANS?” The one thing I do not have is beautiful professionally commissioned images of me & my sweet babes.

Its the thing that keeps me up at night (except for my toddler who recently learned a new curse word) As a photographer – I hide behind a camera for a reason. Not because I hate being in photographs but because I am a complete control freak. I have a problem. My other issue is I admire SO many other photographers – I dream of a mommy daughter shoot with Sue Bryce– a fine art family shoot with Jeremy Chou – and some hot new anniversary photos of just the Mr. & ME by CHARD Photo. Its a problem folks- & its half the reason why the last time we had our whole family professionally photographed was when Rhyk was still in my uterus by the oh so talented Tegan Friedman. The other half is just plain getting stuck in the hustle & bustle of the every day.

I preach all the time to my clients to exist in photographs NOW. This moment will pass. They will grow. These words as of late have weighed so heavy on myself. I want my kids to remember me- I am always behind the camera- in our daily lives – on vacation. I try to sneak in a photo here and there but the focus is always soft and the moment has already passed. So for mothers day- all I really want- is a cobblers wish- a family session- styled to perfection and edited by someone else (lol) So honey if your reading this- now you know.

What is the one thing you want for mothers day? What would your perfect day be like?

Here are the most recent photos of both the kids together – taking some location shots for a client. They are far from perfect but they capture them just as they are 99% of the time. Dirty faced & happy.



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