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Thanksgiving Look | #epicfail

Thanksgiving is just a week away friends and I can NOT begin to explain how happy I am to NOT be hosting this year. We celebrate every other year between my family & my husbands. Last year it was my turn to host (which I normally LOVE) – I am an ex-event planner so I love to entertain. Except, our thanksgiving took a turn for the worst before it even began. It’s not easy cooking for 40 family members and friends but after 10 years together my husband and I have hosting large parties down to a science. The day started off perfectly on schedule. The rentals delivered, centerpieces came out beyond perfect (I only have a single image to share.) I was just finishing setting the table, and my husband finishing the final prep for the side dishes when our day was about to take a left turn. Rhyker & T had decided to entertain themselves in front of the T.V. but must have become bored at some point and started to attempt to super man off the couch across the living room. into a pile of pillows. They where giggling and having a blast but you can guess how this ended. I heard the thud from the dining room, and then the cry but  before I could set down my flatware my husband had gotten to him. I had just walked into the living room when Chris pealed him off the floor, as he lifted Rhyker into his arms I could see the blood stream from his forehead.  Neither of us went into a panic, you see this isn’t his first time cracking his face open. (wish I was exaggerating)  I looked at the time, Just 20 minutes until everyone was due to arrive. I calmed Rhyker down and grabbed some ice and decided when my mother arrived we would take him to Urgent Care for some stitches. Chris offered to help keep the compress on his head and urged me to change out of my PJ’s so when she arrived we could leave right away.  I went upstairs and before I had the chance to change I heard my husband yelling Rhykers name.  My husband does not panic, so without thinking twice I grabbed the house phone to call 911- I was already dialing the number when I hit the stairs and saw my tiny toddlers limp body in my husbands arms. He had lost consciousness and Chris couldn’t wake him. Everything went into slow motion and even tho we live not even around the corner from the fire station it felt like an eternity for the medics to arrive. Just as they pulled up with sirens blazing all 40 family members seemed to appear out of thin air. It was quite the scene. Rhyker received his second ambulance ride  and a golden ticket to a 6 hour emergency room visit that ended in just 10 stitches. It was late in the evening when I finally made it home to discover not a single bit of thanksgiving dinner had been consumed. My entire family had waited just for us. The rest of the night was filled with so much love and laughter it felt like a very distant nightmare almost immediately, the turkey turned out dry, and the rolls that where made from scratch never made it in the oven but none of that even mattered. Just the people in my home, who starved themselves all day to make sure we didn’t miss breaking bread all together did. I only took a single photo the whole night- which you know breaks my heart deep down. We now have an epic thanksgiving fail story to share each year and my sons perfect beautiful face has a tiny scar that not many can see.

Are you ready for the holiday? This dress would be perfect look for the day and its ON SALE from 150 to just 89 dollars – and they still have it in almost every single size friends. Also I linked a very affordable dupe option that’s similar to these splurge over the knee boots. Let me know what you think !

This year I am happy to not be wearing my hostess hat and plan to make just a single side dish and let my mother in law do all the heavy lifting this year (Sorry have to nurse the baby, am I right?) Who are you celebrating with and what are you famous for making ??? I make some super great mash potatoes and a jello salad that’s not amazing but it’s sentimental to my childhood and we make it in honor of my my godfather who enjoyed it very very much. No one besides my brother in law actually likes it- but none the less I make it each year.

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