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Spring Forward | Style

Is it really only Tuesday? I used to LOVE day light saving time – but now as a mother of two I have learned to loath it. It’s been a cruel joke on parents for over a hundred years now. Just that one hour of precious sleep can really throw an entire toddler world off tilt. My eye are literally stinging as I stare at this screen and wonder if I truly went to college for this. There isn’t enough coffee to make this right- I still find myself going “9:31…. ok its really 8:31… I would just be getting ready to leave the house.” Ok I promise to cheer up- and stop whining like my 18 month old. Ugh. On the bright side the weather is starting to perk up and for the first time all winter I wore shorts (I swear I have them on- even tho you can’t see them!) I got these super cute long cuffed ones at Anthro and had just been dying to wear them- unfortunately my super cute tunic I couldn’t wait to wear totally swallowed them whole. This sneak peek into warmer spring days gave me a big smack of reality – I need to tone up & hit the gym just a little harder ! My schedule has had me down to pilates one day a week & cycling maybe twice if I am lucky- usually come march my legs are short short ready… NOT so much this year. Kind of makes me think this would be the PERFECT time to get pregnant and keep eating doughnuts till fall… but then I remember how close I am to potty training R and being diaper free.



Tunic | Free People | Shorts | Anthro | Necklace: Tory Burch | Sunnies | { on Sale } Prada | Shoes | Sam Edleman | Bag | Rebecca Mincoff 

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