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Skip The Baby Moon

17.3.15_HHP_Carmel_Edits-9SAID NO MOTHER EVER. NEVER. I don’t care if your a first time mom or your knee deep in the trenches of motherhood. Repeat after me. TAKE THE TIME. GO ON THE BABY MOON. This doesn’t mean you need to book a Hawaiian getaway- but if you can- then by all means ALOHA. With Tinsley we enjoyed a more extravagant babymoon- unbeknownst to us this was like closing a chapter in our lives. The golden days of our marriage- Mexico on a whim- sure why not. Vegas on a Friday? Meet you there. If booking a full blown vacay is out of your reach – there is nothing wrong with a little staycation action. For baby No. 3 we took a drive- a long drive- childless and it was the best 6 hours I have recently spent in a car.

We listen to “our” music and chatted about mostly the children (oh the irony). We did a little mid week action – and it was the first time we had ever left the children more than an overnight together. It didn’t matter the destination but it was the quite moments together- rekindling & connecting – which you can certainly try to do on a date night but nothing can compare the the much needed extended alone time. I wasn’t fully aware of the break I needed. It felt SO good. Too GOOD. I mean did I miss the children. Yes- but was I in a rush to get back…. not exactly. Facial in the comfort of my own room. Not picking up a single toy for 72 hours. Getting to learn how to dutch braid my hair? OUTRAGEOUS. I took baths, read books, did a little shopping, slept like the dead, enjoyed food we wouldn’t normally enjoy. Getting to be with my husband again was the best part of it all.. I felt 25 again. It felt SO self indulgent. Babymoon totally out of budget? Vacation in town- even if that means staying home. Turn off the cell phones- and tell everyone you know your unavailable. Rediscover where you live- together. Play a round of golf, plan a weekend together at the spa, take a painting class – but block the time out for the two of you- if you already have little ones – send them off to grandmas for the whole weekend. Don’t even think about picking up the phone. She raised you just fine and they will be just fine. Take a drive, eat at the place you have been dying to try – but focus on one another. You can thank me later. 


What I have learned in 3 pregnancies:

Want to take a cruise? Double check the ships rules and regulations when booking- most have a limit for pregnant women of 22 weeks.

Want to fly somewhere exotic ? Check with your doctor – most first time pregnancies have a travel ban from their doctor after 24 weeks- Second time moms get cut off at 32.

Taking a road trip? First get the OK from your OB – and once you get the OK make sure you stop every 2 hours to stretch your legs (but who’s kidding- if you can hold your pee longer than that you deserve a medal)

Pack the SPF- Most women tend to burn worse while pregnant. Who knows why. It was true for me.


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