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Paper Flower Wall |DIY

The sun is starting to shine just a little brighter these days and as we creep into this weekend for day light savings time to begin I thought I would share this adorable styled session from over the weekend. I will be hosting spring mini sessions April 2nd int the studio and can not wait to see all the little ones in their springs finest. This year easter falls a little early and due to scheduling I couldn’t host these until April but when your living the busy life you have to take the days you get ! I hope to meet some new beautiful faces at this event (more info click here)- This backdrop came out exactly how I had envisioned it and can not wait to use it some more later this month. Feeling crafty? This backdrop would make an amazing wedding photo booth ! I even use it as wall decor in the studio. I found this awesome tutorial if your wanting to try to make these yourself: click here  I simply mounted the flowers to command hooks onto 4×8 poly styrene board from home depot ~ If crafting isn’t your thing I have released this as a digital back drop- you can purchase it here.


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