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Mother’s Day Picks

Can you believe it we are already in MAY friends? Mother’s Day is JUST around the corner (Sunday, May 14th) and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t purchased any of the special ladies in your life – a single thing… (just because your spinning a million plates… and seriously… there are just NOT enough hours in the day) So sit back – because I have your back (like a good friend!) I have broke it down for all the types of mamas in your life – & although she would LOVE a day off to shop, lunch & hit up the spa ALL by herself (for our male readers thats a big fat HINT HINT) – these would do JUST fine too.

  1. The Creative Mama | @polaroid | You have a DSLR camera, a cameo and hot glue fears you. This is the gift that has your creative back. The Instax Mini camera is my JAM. I adore having little instant prints of our favorite family outings. This gift keeps on giving- & she will treasure the memories she makes & her little ones make as well with it!
  2. The Sentimental Mama | @afamilyprintshop | If you book every single holiday photo session months in advance – This is the shop is for you. I fell in love with their feed months ago- personally – I would ADORE ANY of their products but these beautiful heirloom lockets with my little ones silhouettes would just make me weep with joy. Would Grandma – just adore this? Also a first time mama – would just be thrilled. The turn around for this item is a little long – so plan to give a gift card for them to redeem later.
  3. The Fit Mama | @aloyoga | Do you wake up and sweat LONG before the kiddos open their eyes? – Are you so OVER lululemon (or not even interested in being a little that basic.) This brand I fell in love with right before getting knocked up and their casual street/active wear – is really for EVERY KIND of Mama- but if you love to sweat and can pick up all your kiddos in one perfect squat and scoop. You will LIVE in this.
  4. The Crunchy Mama| @shadesofstone | You do not feed your kiddos refined anything, you juice and you LOVE probiotics. This gift is from my crunchy and not so crunchy mamas alike- if you love essential oils (YOU know I DO) this is how I keep my nightstand and shelves looking beautiful and my precious little products styled to perfection. Doesn’t matter what oil company you adore – this is where its at. From 15ml bottles to Roller blends- they have it all.
  5. The Working Mama | @slantcollections | Lets face it… if you put in a 9-5 or just 20 hours a week… or just are a full time SAHM… we are all WORKING mothers- but for those of you who put in those 40 hours on top of chasing tiny humans – who really earn that glass or bottle of wine – these mugs & wine glasses are just for you. **cheers**
  6. The Glam Mama | @everlyrings | Do you love all the bling- without the hefty price tag? (DUHHHHH !) Well these stackable rings would make the perfect gift. One for each child… and your grown man child- YES PLEASE ! I have been crushing on dainty stacked rings for a while now – and these will not disappoint you !

What would you adore off this list for mothers day. Sound off below & make sure you tag your man child.

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