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Motherhood | A Juggling Act


Motherhood. A magical juggling act. As Moms we have to wear many hats and spin lots of plates, and hope to god it doesn’t all come crashing down at the same time. There are lots of books out there that claim to have the secret, blog post preaching about balance,  Sometimes I feel I am the ringmaster of my very own not so traveling circus. Here is the real secret babes, NO ONE on the face of this green earth has it figured quite out. I mean unless your Beyonce – have a chef, a glam squad, personal in home trainer, and staff for your littles. Having to wear less hats seems like maybe the answer  BUT sure as shit  even Queen Bey goes to bed with Mom guilt.

For me personally, time management has been the key to this hot mess express achieving success. Taking it to paper, writing it down and having a plan. The day before I write out our next day timeline – its loose and I give myself plenty of grace. I hate being late so usually we are early- because poopy diapers, potty breaks, missing shoes are already accounted for. (This is the old wedding planner in me)

My all time favorite planner is the Day Designer – I have purchased it now 3 years in a row because for our family it just works. It has monthly overview, and then each day broken down with meal planning, to do lists, top priorities & a timeline of the day.

Also I keep a three tier plastic bin in the back of my car. One for each child (I share one with the baby) they contain the following:

  • shoes (flip flops in reality)
  • change of clothes & undeies
  • bathing suit during summer months
  • first aid kit
  • snack
  • boxed water
  • diapers for the baby & my car carrier
  • A 20 dollar bill
  • Some dollar bin toys… because I am not above bribing my children.

There might actually even be a few thank you & birthday cards in there – only because I am an overachiever – and it seems I forget teacher birthdays often.

So in the event that I do drop my juggling act, my bug out mom box is there for me. Child B gets in the car without shoes, no problem. Invited over to swim at friends ? We are ready. Oops Diaper bag didn’t make it to the car because I got distracted. BOOM, none issue. Just keep them plates spinning all while smiling.

So if you don’t have this system in place. I highly suggest it. I makes it seem as tho I have all of my crap together- because the show must go on, and in the end we just will all keep faking it till we make it babes.

The unicorn we call balance is a myth. Life is always out of balance. We fall short in one area or another all the time. We forget things. We leave the house with two different shoes. Alarm clocks fail. The kids fall asleep without brushed teeth. Take out happens. What matters the most is just being present- these tiny beautiful humans don’t see the fails, the flaws. I write down where I am falling short and just try to be more mindful when I have an opportunity to improve it.

Let me know how you keep all your plates spinning below.

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