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Marrek | 6 months

Where has the time gone? I went back to work when he was just 12 weeks old and blink… now he is six. I am in the midst of considering taking spring of 2018 off from work. Gasp. I know. I just feel like I really need to soak this baby in… just incase baby No. 4 doesn’t actually happen. Yes. You read that right, we fully intend on having one more sweet babe, if the good Lord sees fit to bless us again. For now though I feel like I really need to play on the floor, make pinterest projects and really just blog my little heart out. Nothings official but for now… I just feel the urge to focus on my children.

Age : 6 Months

Weight: 20 lbs 14oz.

Length: 28 inches ( Rhyker was 28 inches at 9 months… yikes)

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Size 3

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Bald.

Sleeping: Finally gave me a Christmas present early and slept all through the night.

Eating: Exclusively breast feeding but we plan to start solids this weekend.

Milestones: On the verge of crawling, sits up and is pulling up to stand already.

Favorite toys/activities: Wiggling from one side of the house to the other. We have to ask “Where is the baby?” a few times a day now.

Words/sounds: I swear he can say mama. I know its not official but its his babble of choice.

Nicknames: Mar man. Littlest Da Bro. Frank the Tank.

Looking forward to: No working for a while. Just soaking up my baby, and finally loosing the last 8 pounds of baby stuck around my middle.

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