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Last week I got to do something totally out of my norm. I got to have a small intimate fancy ladies lunch to celebrate a birthday for a woman who works for my in laws. We went to the Fish Company in the town I grew up in- which was really a treat. My sister in law & I car pooled together and it was two hours of total uninterrupted girl time. I wouldn’t say I dressed up for the occasion but I definitely  got ready ( you know got out of my “gym” clothes, washed my hair, put on makeup!) I really enjoy hanging out with my sister in law- which we don’t really get to do very often – even though we live less than a mile from one another. It is always one of those thing I wish we did more. I was a little nervous the days leading up to our fancy girls lunch- It was the first time ever letting my assistant (or anyone for that matter) drive the kids to their activities for the day but of course it all went perfectly fine with out me. After it made me feel like I could start to let go a little and let her take over a little more. I am one of those moms who has to go to every practice, do pick up myself, attend every sing a long. Even when there isn’t enough time in the day- I make the time. Even if it means I have to stay up a few more hours after the kids are in bed to get my clients galleries to them before the promised due date. Thats just how I like to do things. As I sat there at lunch – literally discussing the pro’s & con’s of waxing our lady bits (something for the record I have never ever done) – I found myself completely relaxed, enjoying my salad & the girl chat- on a Wednesday in the middle of the day- childless. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a lunch with other adults without any children and secretly I wondered if it was to early for wine. What a luxury- and just for a moment I contemplated what it would be like if I didn’t work from home. What a blessing it is being able to- but sometimes after 3 years of working amongst the chaos of toddlers – the idea of it sounded very very tempting.


A little obsessed with this nail color !


These little faces all ready for their day. It was hard to say bye bye as I ran as fast as I could to my sister in laws moving vehicle and screamed “GO GO GO!”


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