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Anyone else love a good old fashion casual friday? (Ok fine… I work from home… and I wear yoga pants… like alot. Which you could argue are pretty causal look. But it is friday & this look is casual… so casual friday? Yes? Ok. Good I am glad we can move on.) It’s been hot here… A whole whopping 80 degrees! Us Californians are not  content unless it is partially cloudy 78 with a cool breeze. *palm face emoji* Meanwhile those of you have real weather want to smack us. I know we are hopeless.

Yesterday Rhyker had his first day of Preschool. It was just a meet and greet for the teachers and the students and I wish I could report that we had the best time ever and he was a sweet angel that was able to use self control… but that would be a lie.

It started in the parking lot. He did NOT want me to come into the classroom. He insisted I should just drop him off at the gate (like his older sister) I said a prayer and my prayers were answered. As we passed the threshold of the school  this alien took over my child. He was smiling, sharing, and being very very pleasent. I was feeling almost euphoric as he put on  quite the show for the first 30 minutes. As he effortlessly shared playdough toys with one of his new little friends I thought “We are almost in the home stretch keep up the charade little buddy!” Well- just then I  jinxed myself. BIG. TIME.  Not a moment later – the teacher announced it was time to clean up and to meet on the rug for story time. I shit you not. I saw his head spine 360 degrees. That alien child vanished. Salty Rhyker was back and he was NOT having it. The sweet teacher thought she could display her master toddler skills and easily redirect his tantrum. So he upped it a notch. He announced that his teacher was “not nice” and expressed his displeasure with her with vigor. My arm pits began to sweat and my stomach started to churn. Whhhhhyyyyy? We had just 15 more minutes to go.  I could feel the joy seep from the other mothers in the room that this time… it wasn’t their child. The teacher moved on to the other children at the rug.

I got down to his level – so we could have a very mature chat about why we don’t talk to adults with such enthusiasm and to my surprise he punched me right in the nose for the very first time ever. I am not sure if anyone actually witnessed the assault- but it happened. All I could do was laugh… which must have confused him because he looked terrified.  I stood up and must have turned five shades of red because from afar it must have looked like I was encouraging this tantrum. I was able the reel him back in… calm him down and get through the last 10 minutes. As I sat there on the rug, while the teacher sang like an angel in the background, I could not help but say a silent little prayer for just for her… because let’s face it. She is going to need it with this little guy. Bless. Her. Heart.

This child has made every life event extra memorable and his salty level has been off the chart since Marrek has arrived. We had a long talk about his behavior on the drive home and went on to have a near perfect day.  On our way to pick up Sissy girl – out of no where he apologized and said” sorry for smooshing your nose mommy… I don’t not love you” and just like that with those cute dimples and those big blue eyes I fell right back in love with my little monster. I know I am not alone in this so if anyone as any tips of dealing with a unfavorably behaved (read little s.h.i…..) child- sennnnnd me that life raft my way please.

This sporty little look felt fitting for our little “knock out” of a first day a preschool- I would also like to add that you could totally warm it up with a pair of yoga pants. I know right? Best idea ever.  Until next week friends.

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