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Holiday Look

Well our attempt to get bomb boat parade dinner reservations was an epic fail. Next year I guess I need to book it in August, but since tonight is the only night we can enjoy our local tradition we are making the most of it with our favorite parenthood comrades. (Any excuse to get a sitter!)

This look friends. I have had this outfit planned for weeks…. if you watch my insta stories you know how excited I was when this skirt showed up in my mailbox, unexpectedly. (Yes, my husband has a like to know it account and when he sees something he knows I would love… he doesn’t even ask. Lord, don’t ask me how I got so lucky.)

I wanted to share this look so badly here on the blog by the time my husband got home the light was almost gone and I hadn’t had a chance to do my hair… but who cares about hair when you have a look this good, am I right?

What grown up holiday fun are yall having this weekend?

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