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Happy Halloween

This post is purely to document halloween 2017, for my own selfish mom journal. I am horrible right? This was such a fun year seeing Halloween through a three years old eyes again. It just filled with SO much magic and excitement. We went to a nearby neighborhood because the community we live in is basically full of retired folks who have put in their hard time. They don’t even put a pumpkin on the porch. Super lame for the kids. It was a total blast and there was a few adult beverages consumed. I am ready to put our house on the market now ! Ha! I got our entire family’s costume from Chasing Fireflies and the quality of them was beyond anything I have found before. Worth every single expensive cent because they can be enjoyed for months to come ! The Switch Witch even gave us a visit last night and stole all the kids candy, in its place she left two small toys kicking off NO-vember! What’s NO-vember you ask? Thats No toys November. We do not purchase anything for the kids from now until Christmas, no matter how much they beg, plead or tantrum. It’s our house rule, try it this month and you will be amazed how much more you little ones will enjoy the month of December! Speaking of December if you have already started decorating for Christmas, we are no longer friends. I can’t deal with how fast 2017 has gone. CAN. NOT. DEAL.


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