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Holiday Session Style Guide | 2017


Time to start planning for family photos ! Did you throat just tighten up a little and your heart start racing ? Don’t worry… I am here to help. As a photographer I have seen it all ! The good, the bad and the regretful. Each year I would scratch my head and then one day I figured it ALL OUT. It took me years to be brave enough to guide my clients with tasteful color choices so those white shirts and jeans would never be seen again.  Thanks to pinterest styling holiday photos have become more stressful than prepping for you SAT’s. I am sharing my years of experience to guide you into taking the daunting task as taking on yet another roll, stylist and making it SUPER easy ! The easiest way to pick your color scheme is to choose one person to put into a pattern- it doesn’t matter who but just keep it to ONE person. Then pull all the colors from that pattern and dress the following family members in those colors. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and keep your location in mind. (I have made a super helpful color chart below… be a pal and save it as a pin!) Don’t focus on perfectly matching the colors… but instead play within the shade family. One time saving tip is to shop all the looks from ONE store… (Zara, Old Navy, J. Crew etc.) usually all the colors in a given season play well with one another and you don’t have to worry about the reds, greens blues whatever being totally different and one person sticking out like a sore thumb. Lastly accessorize ! Put you 12 year old in that bow tie while you still can and try to relax and have fun! Also if you want major brownie points with your photographer Mom take the morning and go have you makeup done… it’s a luxury but you’re worth it and you will love your photos all the more, girl scouts honor. This look above is from OLD NAVY and cost just over 175.00 for shoes, pants, dresses and accessories for the whole family… can you beat that? Can’t wait to see your holiday photos on my feed soon babes !




Here is our family last year playing by my ONE style rule ! Doesn’t hurt that their super duper cute !

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