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Fall Nail Polish Top Picks | Essie

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Hello my name is Halleigh, and I am recovering gel mani addict. Yes it is true, for YEARS I put my nails through the grueling punishment that is the gel manicure. I believed that because they lasted forrreeevvvveeeerrrr that I was getting more bang for my mani buck. I didn’t have time to get weekly manicures/polish changes and since I work with my face covered by a camera I felt like all my clients ever really saw where my nails.  Well flash forward to having nails so damaged they were paper thin- I felt like my pregnancy with Marrek could be a fresh start. So I quit cold turkey. To date I have only had a single gel mani (since he has been born)- and it was the final straw. I am now only going to reserve them for trips and special occasions because friends I have found the holy grail of nail polish. Essie Gel Polish behaves like a gel without the use of having to set it with a UV lamp. I picked up a bottle two months ago and was SHOCKED that it lasted on average 10 days before chipping. Also a huge bonus you dont need anything special to remove it.  I have a crazy nail polish collection (I will give everyone a sneak peek over on my instastory) I have tried them all… including other “gel” polish brands… but nothing holds a candle to this stuff. These shades are my top picks for this fall. I love a good dark nail – but my go to colors are pretty neutral. I highly suggest using a high quality base coat- and having it applied at the salon to get the longest life out of it – but even when I do a quick polish change at home it easily lasts a full 6 days. My record to date is almost 14 days before removing. I keep it pretty basic when it comes to my favorites. I am not a fan of iridescent polishes… and although I used to love a good glittery ring finger and an on point acrylic nail… those days are just long gone. What is your go to nail color? Have you tried something even better? Let me know in the comments below. (by the way this post is totally not sponsored)

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