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Easter Sunday | LIFE

Holy moly – March has given me whip lash. Easter has come already gone. This month has been crazy busy – with the start of wedding season and a baby boom bigger than I could have ever guessed ! I think I have gotten a screen tan from all the hours spent editing these last few weeks ! Sessions are a welcomed break into the outside world and a legitimate reason to leave my girl cave. Easter was a beautiful weekend- Friday I shot a romantic little engagement shoot & met the family at Costco for a few last minute pick ups (YES. I ate dinner there. I never pass up a Costco dog. never. life is short) Saturday I shot the most ADORABLE first birthday- after I came home to my husband who had already made all the center pieces – to take a little burden of my busy work weekend. We dyed easter eggs with the kids – R really really enjoyed dunking them. In the in the evening we went to church. Service was amazing & emotional. So much given- so much love. Thats what I love the most about Easter. How much our heavenly father loves us- and the price paid just for us.

Sunday the WHOLE family – both sides got together. T & R just had the best time with all their cousins – 9 in total. It was such a great time and the very first time since our wedding that our whole families were together again. So many babies in all those years since. All the cousins together where just so much cuteness in one place my heart may have exploded. I am hoping this weekend was the start of a new family tradition. We served brunch (the recipes I will HAVE to share) Chris did most of the cooking & really out did himself. The mimosa bar was a must have for all the girls & – the kids enjoyed an easter egg hunt with three golden eggs. My sister in law’s little sister made the best carrot cup cakes I have ever had in my whole darn life ! If I can I will snag the recipe because they where a HIT ! It was worth every single calorie. Bathing suit season or not- I enjoyed every single bite. Just a beautiful day that I will forever be grateful for. Besides our ham not totally defrosting it was near perfect ! I hope you all had a beautiful East Sunday. Here are a few candid shots from the weekend !




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