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Dirty Little Secret

I have been so MIA lately.

Only because I have been working on an awesome little collaboration with my sister @oilisticliving. Ya’ll know I am oily AF, but what you don’t know is I teach Oil Education 3x a month. Yes. I do an MLM side hustle and it TOOK YEARS to join my sister in this business. After 6 years of completely changing the direction of my families health for the better how could I not help others learn more about these awesome little amber bottles?

I don’t use my social media channels often to promote it mostly because I felt embarrassed to be another MLM WFHM (working from home mother) but WHY? 2018 is the pursuit of authenticity on the internet. So here it is.

My dirty (organic) little secret. Every now and again I will be sharing how I use them right here.

My sister and I  have created some awesome online education for all those on our team who want to share oils but are comfortable with teaching (just yet.) So while I have been MIA from the blog + insta – I promise its worth it.

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