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My first born daughter Tinsley, as some of you may know, had a very difficult first year of life. At just four months old- we fell into a vicious pattern of well checks, follow up visits for antibiotics, fevers, ear infections more antibitoics and siezures. To say our little girl was always sick was an understatment. I finally became frustrated with what I felt was a bandaide approch to her health. As she started to slip further from "normal development" curve, I began to feel helpless. As a mother I couldn no longer sit back and hope and pray. At 12 months old we changed her diet, her peditirican and we saw some improvement. It was then I recieved my first bottle of essential oils from my sister- and it was almost as if those first year and a half had just been a bad dream. My sister had been using the oils since I had given birth and for 18 long months I heard over and over "I have an oil for that!". I secretly beleived she had lost her mind. How could these oils really help support health of my very sick child? 

They were just plants, flowers and bark for crying out loud! So, I began researching the science & saftey behind oils. I needed to know what I was about to put into her tired little body. Finally after using them on myself for about 8 weeks -I finally felt it was time to start her on a protocol for neurological support. I was almost instantly filled with regret. It was as if these tiny amber bottles held miricales within them.  that I hadnt started them sooner. She had a long list of health issues from painful exzema to siezures. Health issue after health issue - we started checking them off our imaginary list. Today Tinsley is devleopmental typical five year old- and I am happy to report she is seizure free. Oils provided a very powerful tool in supplementing her worn and weary body. To say our life changed with one drop - is an understatment. I am forever greatful to these pure and precious products. 

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What are they for?

We have replaced a great majority of our home medicine cabinet with essential oils. From cuts and scrapes to upset tummies. I could not imagine "momming" without them. They are wonderful for achieving a great night sleep, immune system support (read avoiding preschool plauge), helping my husband increase his engery naturally, or simply creating a relaxing enviorment for my work space. The list of what I use them for goes on and on and is literally endless. Oh did I mention I now make all my own cleaning products for pennies on the dollar? 

How do you use oils?

There are three ways to use DoTERRA essential oils. The most popular is by diffusing them. You can kiss your candles goodbye. Not only will they make your home smell amazing but they are also functional- they cleanse the air that you breath, uplift your mood and can rid your home of nose blind odors. They can also be used topically (some may need a carrier oil like coconut oil, but you will learn more about that in my online class.) They can be added to lotions and you can also make symptom specific rollerballs. I have recipies for teething toddlers and orangic hand santizier. Lastly becasue of DoTERRA's CPTG quality - you can target symptom specific support by consuiming several oils internally via veggie caps or simply by adding them to your favorite beverage (be sure to check the bottle for a supplement fact box.) My favorite is lemon oil. I drink it daily to help aid digeston. 

How to do you know what oils to use?

I didnt start this side hustle to be just a sales pitch, I want to be a valuable resource. I personally teach my very own Intro to Oils 101 class online twice a month for new enrollees to attend from the comfort of their yoga pants and mom buns. (Doesnt get better than that) In this class I go over the top 10 oils in the starter kits below. Teaching others how to use their oils is a true passion of mine and I have found this is the best way to learn how to get started. After purchasing your starter kit you will be invited to an exclusive facebook community with over 1,300 of amazing users. There you can connect, ask questions and learn from other users- like how many drops to use, which oils to avoid around kids or what is safe while pregnant/nursing, and all of the dilution ratios for individual oils. Inside the group we have classes, giveaways, guest speakers, live facebook hangouts & search functionality that will help you navigate past topics.

S T A R T E R // C O L L E C T I O N S

Natural Solutions Kit*


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Home Essentials Kit


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Family Essentials Kit


Top 10 Essential Oils (5ml Bottles): Frankincense | Lavender | Lemon | Melaleuca | Oregano | Peppermint | Breathe | Digestzen | On Guard | 5ml Deep Blue | OnGaurd Beadlets | Peppermint Beadlets |Wellness Advocate Intro Packet | 1 year wholesale membership

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