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Happy Halloween

This post is purely to document halloween 2017, for my own selfish mom journal. I am horrible right? This was such a fun year seeing Halloween through a three years old eyes again. It just filled with SO much magic and excitement. We went to a nearby neighborhood because the community we live in is…

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The Cold Shoulder | Style

It’s the first week of October but it was such a long week it feels like halloween should be here already. We had the SLIGHTEST drop in temperature and one morning this week it even MISTED people! So naturally I bundled up with a sweater and open teo booties, ya know, because they keep your…

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Knock Out | Style

Anyone else love a good old fashion casual friday? (Ok fine… I work from home… and I wear yoga pants… like alot. Which you could argue are pretty causal look. But it is friday & this look is casual… so casual friday? Yes? Ok. Good I am glad we can move on.) It’s been hot here……

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