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Motherhood | A Juggling Act

  Motherhood. A magical juggling act. As Moms we have to wear many hats and spin lots of plates, and hope to god it doesn’t all come crashing down at the same time. There are lots of books out there that claim to have the secret, blog post preaching about balance,  Sometimes I feel I…

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Marrek | 6 months

Where has the time gone? I went back to work when he was just 12 weeks old and blink… now he is six. I am in the midst of considering taking spring of 2018 off from work. Gasp. I know. I just feel like I really need to soak this baby in… just incase baby…

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32 Thoughts | Birthday Post

It’s my birthday weekend. I am pretty B I G on my birthday (who the hell isn’t?) B.C. (before children) I would start celebrating the anniversary of my birth on Nov. 1st. I bet my friends love the new boring Halleigh who just celebrates for the weekend (she’s way less annoying which is a bonus)….

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