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Fake A Clean Home

Yes. You read that right. Today I am sharing how you can fake a clean home in just about 20 minutes. We all know what it is like living with children. SH*T everywhere, all the time. So when you get that unexpected text that your mother in law will be dropping by or your short…

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Motherhood | A Juggling Act

  Motherhood. A magical juggling act. As Moms we have to wear many hats and spin lots of plates, and hope to god it doesn’t all come crashing down at the same time. There are lots of books out there that claim to have the secret, blog post preaching about balance,  Sometimes I feel I…

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8 Years | Anniversary

Eight years ago today, I married my perfect match in this world. The last ten years has flown by so fast, but time flies when your having fun. We both collectively look back at our wedding day and wish we could get a MAJOR style redo. I don’t know who talked us into purple, neither…

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