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Easter Floral Crown | DIY

This year our WHOLE family is getting together at our home to celebrate! So when I host I like to go a little over the top- and I just LOVE getting new easter outfits for the kids. T is wearing the most adorable pink lace dress- so when I saw on Instagram- these amazing and whimsical floral crowns by JL Designs I just HAD to have one – I missed out on her first drop so- I decided to give it a go on my own. This head band took me less than 10 minutes to put together & T just LOVED it! It was worth the effort. I may even have made one for myself to wear – you will just have to wait and see !

All you need is:

$2 head band from Target.com | Hot glue | Silk flowers | Floral wire

I pulled the flowers from their stems and laid them out accordingly. I then wired the flowers to the head band & then hot glued the wire into place. It was really that easy.

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