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Valentines Day | How We Celebrate

In our home, we love to celebrate holidays both big & small. This is one of my very favorite ways to make the ordinary extraordinary. My Mom made each holiday special in her own little way. I like to host a special breakfast for the kiddos and deck out their little table. To kick off the month of love, I decided to treat them to a breakfast filled with all the things they love! Donuts, bacon & juice. I bet their teachers just LOVED me that morning.

On Valentine’s day, I have a gal-entine day date with my bestie. We are totally seeing 50 shades of Grey. Since we don’t celebrate the actual holiday with our husbands (because we all know when you’re married every day is valentines day… duh! *eye roll* Haha. If only) Its sort has become our me time, girl time, self-care time, tradition. Movie date in the middle of the day… seeing a raunchy little flick. Yep, thats us.

When I pick up the little I have an after-school pizza party planned, complete with signage and decor (Thanks, target dollar spot!) For dinner we are going to make homemade heart-shaped pizza’s, exchange our family valentines and enjoy a night in with our little loves. Thank goodness they love a good Netflix & chill almost as much as we do. We don’t celebrate Vday sans kids anymore because prefix menu’s just aren’t our thing. I know some think Vday is cheesy but I say if you need a reason to leave the kids home and celebrate. TAKE IT. RUN WITH IT. For us, we are pretty diligent about doing date night once to twice a month. Which is SO important because it is so easy to just let the flow of every day take over if your not mindful of connecting it can lead to so much frustration whether you know it or not. However, mama could use a gift every now and again… hint hint Hun.

How do you celebrate with your loved ones? Do you enjoy this “Hallmark” holiday?

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Dirty Little Secret

I have been so MIA lately.

Only because I have been working on an awesome little collaboration with my sister @oilisticliving. Ya’ll know I am oily AF, but what you don’t know is I teach Oil Education 3x a month. Yes. I do an MLM side hustle and it TOOK YEARS to join my sister in this business. After 6 years of completely changing the direction of my families health for the better how could I not help others learn more about these awesome little amber bottles?

I don’t use my social media channels often to promote it mostly because I felt embarrassed to be another MLM WFHM (working from home mother) but WHY? 2018 is the pursuit of authenticity on the internet. So here it is.

My dirty (organic) little secret. Every now and again I will be sharing how I use them right here.

My sister and I  have created some awesome online education for all those on our team who want to share oils but are comfortable with teaching (just yet.) So while I have been MIA from the blog + insta – I promise its worth it.

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Fake A Clean Home

Yes. You read that right. Today I am sharing how you can fake a clean home in just about 20 minutes. We all know what it is like living with children. SH*T everywhere, all the time. So when you get that unexpected text that your mother in law will be dropping by or your short on time on any give day of the week and you want to have your husband actually think your winning the battle home vs. toddler here are a few easy steps that will fool the most critical eye.

  1. Enter your home as your guest would. Follow the likely path they will use and START there and only focus on those spaces alone. Have a laundry bin handy and a trash bag.
  2. Clear all surfaces first. Table tops, counters, the stairs that seem to collect 329 random items. Things that are just not put up goes in the laundry bag (cups,toys, shoes, random items) Random papers and clutter go into the trash bag. Clear counters and table tops gives the illusion of cleanliness.
  3. Next fluff pillows and wipe down clean surfaces with a lightly damp cloth.
  4. Most guests always end up in the kitchen. Clear the sink (shove everything into the dishwasher, and then I run it for good measure) I usually end up sticking random clutter items into the microwave- avoid using the oven… things get forgotten and then the next time you preheat – disaster strikes.
  5. Empty the bathroom trash bin that is most likely to be used by said guest. Double check there is in fact TP and give a sprits of cleaning solution to the sink (the smell will trick anyone into believing its freshly been scrubbed)
  6. Fill your diffuser up with your favorite citrus scent. Your house will smell fresh and the citrus scent is sure to put any visitor into a great mood.


When you only have minutes to spare the last resort is to SHOVE everything into you master bedroom. Use the laundry bin and fill that baby up. Guests never dare enter your master and this is the most function space for hiding.


Run your vacuum and if you have tiny capable hands have them put away everything that you collected in the laundry bin – having them help with the task assures that when you finish faking your clean home you wont have another area that has already been destroyed.


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