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A Christmas Tradition

On of my favorite Christmas traditions for this time of year is our annual trip to the Christmas Tree lot. We really do spend a good chunk of time trying to find the PERFECT tree. I have quite the criteria that needs to be met. I like my tree’s like I like my super models, tall + skinny with just the right amount of fullness throughout. It’s not an impossible task and I feel this year we found a real winner. This year I caught a little video, so I could remember it all years (like 40, when I am old and grey.) We left the lot with our cheeks hurting from all the laughter, Rhyker covered in mud & our bellies ready to be fed. Since we opt to flock our tree’s we never get to leave with it, which works out perfectly since we usually head to dinner. On the drive home I must have really been in the spirit, because I begged Chris to head to the beach way past bedtime, and he actually agreed ! (We like to get in bed early, like old people) We went to back bay and cranked the christmas tunes as we took in the lights over the water. The kids had a blast playing on the beach, when we got home we kept our tradition going with a Christmas Story, movies and family jammies. Which Chris will never been seen on social media wearing… but he does it friends.

What are some of your favorite family traditions? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

If you missed my insta post heres our trip below:

Merry Christmas | No Rest For Halleigh from Halleigh Hill on Vimeo.

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