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8 Years | Anniversary

Eight years ago today, I married my perfect match in this world. The last ten years has flown by so fast, but time flies when your having fun. We both collectively look back at our wedding day and wish we could get a MAJOR style redo. I don’t know who talked us into purple, neither of us quite remember. It was a beautiful day (literally, 80 degrees in January) but we are so looking forward to renewing our vows at our 10 year ! The best advice we ever received was hire a videographer, much like the last 8 years the day goes by in a blink. We are so blessed that every single person who attended is still in good health and here today. We haven’t lost any grandparents, or relatives. We have lost touch with a few friends – but that’s life. Roads in life take people in different directions, and I wish them all well on the roads that they are on. Other than our color palette we wouldn’t redo a single moment. Our good friend Ash,  who read a beautiful poem during our ceremony & caught my bouquet is now quite the celebrity in Australia- (Shes the fox with the big hair, if you watch the video) My very last friend from my bridal party Michele married over the summer- just 8 days after giving birth I stood and watched her say I do with so much joy, so my bridesmaid days are officially done. I was the very first of my gal pals to wed, and now almost every single one of them have beautiful babes of their own. Gosh time has flown by but life as we knew it has changed and is so much better than I could have ever imagined it to be. I cant wait to see what the next 8 years bring but I do hope they go by just a little bit slower than the first.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

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