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27 Weeks


  1. How far along? 27W4D
  2. Baby is the size of ? Lettuce. For reals.
  3. Total weight gain/loss: 19 pounds. SO far I’m doing better than my last go of this. I only gained 1 lb for my last checkup which earned me a GOLD STAR !
  4. Maternity clothes? Just jeans. Bottoms from Xpecting. Tank & Vest from @TheBrocadeStyle (Check them out on Insta)
  5. Stretch marks? NOPE. I will be sharing my Mama Marks recipe soon.
  6. Sleep: Besides the urniating marathon going on every night – I feel pretty rested in the morning with the help of a little Joe.
  7. Movement: YES ! Baby doesn’t stop moving. Non Stop. All day. Kick Jab Kick.
  8. Food cravings: Its sad to say. I am so over food. I don’t want to eat anything- for fear of heartburn.
  9. Anything making you queasy or sick: Heart burn. Peppermint Oil for the WIN. Knocks it OUT.
  10. Have you started to show yet: I get asked… Any Day now huh? * EYE ROLL*
  11. Gender prediction: Team YELLOW or GREEN or whatever people call it. GOING STRONG.
  12. Labor Signs: Nein.
  13. Belly Button in or out? Oh its half in half out.
  14. Wedding rings on or off? On.
  15. Happy or Moody most of the time: Man I can go from zero to 60 pretty damn quick. Better use your blinker and stay out of my way.
  16. Weekly Wisdom: Treat yo’self. Not with ice cream (but Halo Top is BOMB) but with mani, pedis and a back massage. Don’t think about it. Just do it.
  17. Milestones: Tinsley & Rhyker talk to the baby nonstop. They tell him or her about their day… ask them questions… Its pretty darn adorable.

I have been SLACKING on the belly posts. Im sure you already follow me on Instagram but if you don’t… your missing out. Im pretty funny. I think. Maybe. You be the judge.


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