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23 Weeks


  1. How far along? 23W3D
  2. Baby is the size of ? Barbie. Which T thought was SUPER COOL ! 
  3. Total weight gain/loss: 16lbs- DAMN trip I gained 8 extra pounds. *palm face*
  4. Maternity clothes? Wearing Jessica Simpson Maternity Jeans (2013) and Free People top
  5. Stretch marks? Just the few Rhyker left behind. Been rubbing essential oils on my tummy EVERY SINGLE NIGHT & i have to say… my old ones are looking pretty darn good !
  6. Sleep: Besides being kicked awake by this tiny little human inside me – and then having to pee I am sleeping pretty darn good.
  7. Movement: YES ! Baby doesn’t stop moving. Non Stop. All day. Kick Jab Kick.
  8. Food cravings: Avo Toastie with LOADS of sriracha sauce- and shrimp cocktail. Give me all the shrimp & steak.
  9. Anything making you queasy or sick: Heart burn. Peppermint Oil for the WIN. Knocks it OUT.
  10. Have you started to show yet: People notice. So its official.
  11. Gender prediction: R says its a boy. T says its a boy but she is praying for God to turn him into a girl.
  12. Labor Signs: Nein.
  13. Belly Button in or out? Oh its half in half out.
  14. Wedding rings on or off? On.
  15. Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. But I have no time for nonsense- this week has been FULL of nonsense. OH THE STORY I could tell you.
  16. Weekly Wisdom: DO NOT EAT IT. PUT IT DOWN. Eat the fruit & boiled egg. You will thank me later. 
  17. Milestones: Chris got to feel the baby have hiccups ! Super cute little moment with the kids and him. Heat. Stopping. Adorable. 


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